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We are a niche consulting firm focusing in adding value towards your journey of growth. We capture your narratives, we understand your requirement and we realise your concern. Our deliverables are made only to address your need.

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What we do

We define, develop & deploy biz leaders’ innovative strategies & ideas in reality.

We distinguish processes to be perceived & learnt better. Our methodology and style are very innovative & digitalized. It would not only be used as process repository, also be used as self learning. Our industry-wise SMEs would ensure deeper understanding and quicker turn-around time.

We prepare uncomplicated & innovative Decision-Support-System for corporate leaders towards superior & appropriate resolutions.

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Image Solutions

Image Solutions

Industry solutions

Lacewood provides below list of Industry solutions to the clients.


Defining and digitalizing entire process domain for branch-banking, back-office, compliance, infrastructure, corporate legal, retail asset and many more ...


Deep expertise & experience for operations - both process definition and roll-out project management. Making innovative & simple dash-boards for senior management …


Defining video-driven processes from grass-root level and make it easy for the users to understand and Imbibe …


Solving operations management, engineering & people process challenges for large organizations and defining the nitty gritty of rollout complexities…

Shared Services

Defining and managing the processes of global service delivery and their transition management including knowledge transfer - from one country to another …

Image Solutions

IMAGE fetching, processing, modifying & rebuilding AND Catalogue data correction AND Keywords generation for eCommerce domain…

Today’s BFSI is a three dimensional dynamics with a complex fusion of C sat, technology and competitive business product parameters.

The customer facing branch operations team is always trying to achieve the right balance between superior customer service higher business development greater technology adaptation This constant struggle also affects their time management.

Solutions Provided :
  • Process Reengineering & Intuitive Digitization.
  • Product Marketing & Analytics.
  • Process Management System.
  • Trade Finance Centre Process Management.
  • BBO & TxBO Portal Design.
  • KYC Manual Design.
  • Infrastructure Facility Management System.

While the branch operations is centering around Core Banking System, it also uses messaging tools and various stand alone systems in isolation In fact, there could be quite a few operating aspects which are being continued in the conventional mode.

Network processes and process learning available on single touch point.

A leading telecom company desired to cumulate entire network processes and process learning available on single touch point for superlative operations off the shelf training mechanism.

A leading telecom company desired to incorporate multi vendor, multi technology and real time self organizing Network solution based on scalable and virtualized platform with real time optimization and big data analytics algorithms for its LTE network The company desired to promulgate its association with one of the leaders in Self Organizing Network ( solutions for dynamic resource optimization and QoS/ QoE management through audio visual content.

Solutions Provided :
  • Network Process Learning System.
  • Small Cell/Wi-Fi/Micro trenching/Cell-on-Wheels Learning Content.
  • Service Excellence Centre Deployment.
  • NOC Video Wall Designing.
  • 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Core Network Roll out management.
  • QA Program management.
  • Data Survey & Analytics.
  • Automated Reporting Tool Development.
  • Corporate Movies - Small Cell Congress, Content Creation.

Innovative process design

One of the largest Japanese consumer and professional electronics Company desired to revisit and improve its operational approach and processes for its IT division to take care of its multiple courtiers shared services applications.

Solutions Provided :
  • User-friendly access & Interface.
  • Process & Learning Integration.
  • Accessibility to documentation.
  • Single-page Process Definition.
  • Audio-Video Process Learning.
  • Ease of Change-management.
  • Popular & Open Platform Interface.
  • Process Drill-down & Scale-up approach.
  • Simplified Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Works uniformly @ Internet, Intranet, Cloud & Standalone mode.

Development of a new rigorous & structured Competency Assurance System.

A leading international petro chemical manufacturing company handling hazardous hydro carbons chemicals, embarked on the development of a new rigorous structured Competency Assurance System to assure safety reliability of Operations, people, environment, business assets and achieve operational excellence.

Solutions Provided :
  • Hydrocarbon Process Learning System.
  • Petrochem Learning Management System.
  • Petrochem Ops. Process Management System.
  • Streamlining of Contractor’s Gate Pass Process.
  • Movie on Contractor Safety Management.

Transition of SAP operations.

A world leader in food industry desired to transition its SAP operations to India Thereby planned to define strategy for rollout of transition, subsequently managing the transition defining the cross instance processes.

Solutions Provided :
  • Managing program management with innovative agile methodology.
  • Prepared Work breakdown structure and Organizational structure.
  • Developed dashboards and reports for EIS/MIS reporting.
  • Defining To Be cross instance processes with SOP’s.
  • Developed Organization Management tool.
  • Deep co ordination for knowledge transfer.
  • Defined strategy for knowledge transition.
  • Developing As Is processes.

Super high speed & accurate IMAGE processing solutions.

For major e-commerce enterprises, we have a very unique AI/Deep learning process outsourcing solution in the domain of image and catalogue. We do image fetching, processing, modifying and rebuilding in a super high-speed & accurate environment. Using the same technology, we also do keyword generation and data correction. Our competency and methodical approach to quality ensures that we deliver the right solutions, on relatively low turnaround time, and surely within budget.

Solutions Provided :
  • IMAGE fetching, processing, modifying & rebuilding.
  • Catalogue data correction.
  • Keywords generation.
  • Pixel correction both H & V.
  • Rename images for platform specific uploading format.
  • Image type conversion: PNG-JPG.
  • Image flipping both H & V, predefined cropping, etc.
  • Background removal.
  • TATTOO removal.